Dispute toolkit

The Dispute Toolkit provides free web-based access to precedent dispute resolution clauses for contracts between commercial parties, and other useful information about cross-border dispute resolution in that context. By clicking on the links below or on the right, you can access:

  • Arbitration: precedent Arbitration Clauses with explanatory text and summaries of the arbitration law of important venues for international arbitrations,
  • Jurisdiction Clauses: precedent Jurisdiction Clauses with explanations as to the effect of different types of clause
  • ADR: precedent clauses for ADR.
  • Boilerplate Clauses: Boilerplate Clauses dealing with governing law, sovereign immunity and service of process with explanatory text.
  • Brexit Implications: Consideration of how Brexit may impact English governing law and jurisdiction clauses.
  • External Links: woven into the Dispute Toolkit are links to more than 100 dispute related websites.
  • Contact Us: if you need further information, or advice, contact details for Dispute Resolution experts can be found here.

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